Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Spring Show To-Do-List

*Sign-up to HELP!!!  AND you will also receive 1 FREE TICKET as a Thank-you for your help.
*Purchase Show Tights and Nude Camisole.
*Place Ad in Spring Show Program.  Due May 25th.
*Check Spelling in Program.  Stop in the office..
*Order DVD.  Don't have too!  Everyone will receive a downloadable version of the shows. You Must Subscribe to our email Notification system. Click on "Contact" and then follow the prompts.
*Order Flowers... Don't have too!  Beautiful bouquets of roses for purchase at each show.
*Spring Show Dress Rehearsal and Day of Show info sheets online.
*Final Tuition Payment for May due by May 10th.   Stop in the office to make sure your account is zero.  All accounts must be at zero before you can purchase Spring Show tickets.
*Buy Tickets!  May 20th.  General Admission $12.  At door $15.  Cash or Check only at the door.

Click HERE for Dress Rehearsal, Show Order and Show Call Time/Info