Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Summer Schedule and Camps!

Coming in April.

President's Day

YES we will have classes on Monday, January 18

Alice Cast List

Congratulations to all who came out to be a part of FBC's whimsical and charming Ballet. Check in the office every MONDAY for rehearsal schedules or changes made to the existing schedule.
Be prepared to take a picture of the schedule with your phone.
NOTE: Hedgehogs and Seagulls do not rehearse next weekend.
YOU are responsible to ensure you come to ALL your scenes. Please read the schedule carefully as many of the roles are in multiple scenes. DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL THE OFFICE FOR THE SCHEDULE! This only causes errors as my office staff does not know who is supposed to be in what and where. If confused, ask your child's choreographer or Ms Cherish who is Directing the Ballet. Click here to view the cast list.