Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Summer Classes & Camps

Fredericksburg is entering Phase Two starting this Friday, June 5. If things go well, then we will open for summer classes and camps on June 15.
We will let you know if that changes.

- You can not just show up, or drop-in, as we are limiting class sizes.
- Email us your registration. Do not call. We will email you a confirmation.
- You need to tell us which weeks you will be attending when you register. Yes I will prorate for classes missed for planned vacations.
- Please read the GUIDELINES AND SAFETY PROCEDURES as that will answer your questions.
- Addendum: if your child has a break in between classes, we will have separate areas for them to sit, rest, and eat.

The GUIDELINES can be found on the links below with the Schedule and Camp info.

Which class do I sign up for?
Whatever level your child was just in, is the level you sign up for for the summer. For younger students, please go by age. Those that took the online streaming classes for Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop, you will remain in those designated levels of JR & SR levels. The other levels of CM & BEG, I separated by age.
Example: My daughter was in Beg II and Jazz 3. She should sign up for Ballet Beg I/II and Jazz ages 8-11.

- Required to take 4 classes a week.
- Choose either from the Therband and Ballet Int I class on Monday or Thursday
- Will also take Int I and PrePointe I on Wednesday.
- Pointe shoe assessment will occur at the end of the summer.
- For Theraband, please supply your own mat and band. If you do not have one, we will let you borrow ours which you will take home until the summer classes end.

Are there limits to the amount of classes I can take?
For Ballet Int II, III, IV, V and ADV, Yes. At first, please only sign up for one of your technique levels and the corresponding pointe class. If you would like to take both nights, let us know and I will put you on a waiting list. I would like to ensure that everyone who so desires to take a technique and pointe class get's in. If there are then spots available, I will fill them.

Why are there spots labeled "Extra Classes if Needed?" I am just thinking ahead and since we are limiting class sizes, I have made spots available for adding on classes if we need them. I want to try and make sure everyone who wants to dance will be able too so.

Interested in FBC's Competition Team? I will have more info about auditions when we actually open back up. If interested, I will email you a handbook. Team dancers are required to take classes over the summer. If you have concerns about Covid, don't worry, I will work with you. If anything, Covid has taught us all to be very flexible. Note: on the schedule I have listed on Tuesday "Competition Team Rehearsals." That is for the current team members.

If you do not wish to come to summer classes because of Covid concerns, please let me know if you would be interested in paying for online streaming classes over the summer. If I have enough interest, I will make it happen for you.

Summer Schedule is here.
Summer Camps are here.

Seniors 2020

Congratulations to the FBC class of 2020.
Click on the link below to discover what adventures lie ahead for these FBC Grads.
Senior Bios

Summer Classes? & 2 Week Drop In Streaming Class Schedule

Summer Classes & Camps: Stay tuned. I will be releasing a summer schedule early this week. If we are able to get back into the classroom, we would start back up on June 15, but will push back the start date if need be. I will also be letting you know about safety procedures and cleaning protocols that we will have in place when we do start back. In the interim, we will be offering some drop-in Zoom classes.

June 1-14 online Streaming Classes.
We are offering:
Monday: Yoga/Flexibility, JR & SR Ballet
Wednesday: CM/BEG Musical Theater & Theraband
Thursday: JR & SR Ballet

Theses classes are Drop-in, meaning they are per class, per student, rate of $10 each.
You do not need to sign up, just click on the link to join the class.
At the end of the 2 weeks, you just add up the number of classes that you took (we will be taking roll to help keep track as well).
You will be able to call in over the phone to pay by credit card, or pop a check in the mail. Office hours TBA.

If you did not receive the links, please email us at

Studio Update

I hope all of you are doing well.  Keeping safe and staying positive. As Virginia's Phase One of openings are coming near, projected date of May 15 (that is if nothing changes), you all may have questions regarding the studio and what category we fall in.  I fall in the "Fitness and Exercise" category, but also I feel I should fall into "Youth activities." In Phase One and for "Fitness and Exercise," we are required to remain closed (exception: limited to outdoor classes and limited to gatherings of 10). For "Youth activities," we are required to remain closed. According to everything I have read, it looks like FBC falls in Phase Two, but as of now, there are no Virginia guidelines for Phase Two (except this statement; Phase Two would begin roughly a month after a state sees a continued decline in COVID-19 cases (no rebound), as well as meets essential criteria.) as the Governor needs to wait to see how Phase One goes. I have attached a very helpful website if you would like to take a look. Basically this email is me just letting you know I am monitoring the situation carefully and I am still on hold.  I do have ideas (loads of them), but they all depend on when I open the doors.  And that too will depend on my staff, parents, and students being comfortable to return.  I of course would love to release dates to give some hope to our students, but I think it would be worse to give definite dates at this time, just to cancel them (this may be unavoidable), but I don't feel like I should make any concrete decisions at this time. So, I am going to wait till the end of this month to make any new decisions. This will allow a couple of weeks of Phase One to pass so we can see how it is going. In the meantime, we are of course offering online classes to keep our dancers active and engaged. Wishing you all the best, Ms Jen

FBC Streaming Class Schedule

Click here for the schedule for May 25-30

If you subscribed and did not receive the link for the classes, please email

As of now, Cinderella is indefinitely postponed, as well as the Spring Show and Creative Movement recital. Our “Turn it Up” and “On Stage America” competitions are marked as being rescheduled. Until I have a date of return, we are in a holding pattern, just like most of the US. Online classes is our temporary solution for the situation the world has found itself in. Our ultimate goal is to return to business as usual when it is safe. In the meantime we want you to stay active, keep up training, and engage with your teachers and classmates.

FBC Streaming Class Subscription
Since this is a new set-up, we have come up with a new fee structure. We tried to make it so you will either being paying the same amount (but have the opportunity to take more classes) or will pay less than your normal tuition. This is a hard balance to strike so quickly so if your family somehow would be paying more than your normal FBC tuition, please contact me at

- CM & BEG $55 (can take upwards of 5 classes a week)
- JR & SR $130 (can take upwards of 9 classes a week)
- To find out what category your child is in, please consult the Streaming Schedule.
- You will not be allowed into a higher level.

How to Subscribe
-The email address you supply will be the address the links will be sent to.
This will be a new mass and only subscribers will receive the links.
-Send the info listed below.

Child #1
Email address

Child #2
Email address

Then pop a check in the mail made payable to:
1634 Lafayette Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

If you already paid for April and May, I will apply that credit to the subscription.

If you have more questions try looking over our answers page first.