Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Dance Team Auditions

Mark your Calendars for next year's Dance Team!
Auditions: May 17

August 1-7 : Day & Night rehearsals

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High Gold: Soloist: Emma, Chloe w/ 2nd overall, Jr Musical Theater, Int Contemporary, Int Jazz, Int Ballet, Jr/Int Tap with 3rd Overall, Jr/Int Lyrical w/ 2nd Overall
Platinum: Trio Madisyn/Becky/Amelia and Jocelyn/Maizy/June w/ 5th overall; Duo of Amelia/Kennedy, Julianna/Madisyn, Riely/Chloe, Kennedy/Becky, Riley/Sarah; soloist: Becky, Sarah, Fifi, Riely, Izzy w/ 9th Overall and Sam won 1st overall in her category with her Jazz Solo!
Teams: Sr Tap, Sr Ballet, Hip Hop, Sr Jazz, Sr Contemporary, Sr Lyrcail w/ 5th Overall, Production w/ 3rd Overall
High Platinum: Soloist Piper, Madisyn, and Riley w/ 3rd Runner up for Title, Julianna w/ 2nd Runner up for Title
Special Awards:
Dance Team invitational was given to Julianna, Madisyn, Becky, Riley
"Groovy Award" went to Production for Age of Aquarius AND Costume Award
Madisyn received a Judges award AND Costume Award for her Ballet Kitri's Variation.
Piper received the "Heart and Soul" Special Judges Award AND the "Heart of Gold" Award.