Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

BreakOut Dance Competition

What a fun and fabulous weekend of dancing! A special shout out to our team of fabulous choreographers. Their talents were recognized with 5 special OUTSTANDING awards.
That is quite impressive:)
Outstanding Awards -
Emotional Execution - Ms.Taylor : Jr Lyrical
Choreography - Ms. Ashley : Teen Jazz , Ms.Joye : Julianna (Solo Jazz)
Showmanship - Ms.Joye : Open
Entertainment - Ms.Jen : Production
Judges Awards - 
Poised Powerhouse - Madisyn (Ballet)
Broadway Bound - Jr Musical Theater
Picturesque - Teen Lyrical
Class Act - Sr Tap
Style & Vibe - Sr Jazz
Perfect Prima - Julianna (Open)
Inspired - Riley (Jazz)
Chicago Bound - Riley & Sarah (Jazz)
Open Invitational - Madisyn (Ballet), Riley (Jazz), Riley & Sarah (Cont), Julianna (Jazz)
Category Overall - 
1st Overall - Jr Lyrical, Alex & Miranda, Hip Hop
2nd Overall - Jr Musical Theater, Teen Jazz
3rd Overall - Jr Ballet, Maizy, June & Jocelyn, Sr Cont, Production
4th Overall - Chloe & Riely, Sr Jazz
5th Overall - Teen Cont
8th Overall - June
10th Overall - Teen Ballet, Riley (Jazz- self Choreography)
Platinum - 
Solos : Madisyn (Ballet), Jocelyn, Izzy (Open), June, Julianna x2, Riley x2, Becky, Amelia
Duos : Riley & Sarah x2
Teams : Teen Jazz, Teen Ballet, Hip Hop, Open, Sr Cont, Sr Jazz, Production
High Gold - 
Solos : Madisyn (Cont), Izzy (Ballet), Sam, Chloe, Della, Emma, Fifi
Duos : Alex & Miranda, Aubrey & Katelyn, Chloe & Riely, Leo & Riely, Madisyn & Fifi, Becky & Kennedy
Trios : Maizy, June & Jocelyn
Teams : Jr Ballet, Jr Musical Theater, Jr Lyrical, Teen Cont, Teen Lyrical, Teen Tap, Sr Tap, 
Gold - 
Solos : Miranda

Dance Makers Competition

What a weekend! Around 12 hours of classes and lot's of performing. Congratulations to all our dancers and choreographers. The hard work showed and I can't be prouder of how my dancers represented FBC.

Scholarship - Madisyn for Ballet
Audition candidate who performed on stage at the wrap it up ceremony - Riley
14th runner up senior soloists - Riley
3rd Place - Production
Directors Picks - Teen Ballet
Judges Picks - Trio Maizy, June & Jocelyn, Teams Hip Hop and Sr Jazz
Style High Awards - Duos Riely & Leo and Madisyn & Fifi, Teams Teen Jazz and Production
High First -
Solos : Madisyn, Julianna and Riley
First -
Solos : Jocelyn
Duos : Riley & Sarah x2, Becky & Kennedy
Teams : Sr Jazz, Sr Contemporary, Open,
High Second -
Solos : Izzy, Becky, Amelia, June
Duos : Aubrey & Katelyn
Trios : Maizy, June & Jocelyn
Teams : Teen Tap, Production, Teen Ballet, Sr Tap, Teen Jazz, Teen Lyrical, Teen Contemporary, Hip Hop
Second -
Solos : Della, Fifi, Emma, Chloe, Sam, Miranda
Duos : Fifi & Madisyn, Riely & Leo, Miranda & Alex, Riely & Chloe