Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

BreakOut Dance Competition

Another fabulous weekend of Dancing. FBC is 2 for 2 for getting the Studio of Excellence Award. The Studio of Excellence Award is given by participating ADCC member competitions  to a studio of their choice that best exemplifies the values of The ADCC, which include working together and striving for excellence. Congratulations to our FBC dancers.
Outstanding awards
“Emotional execution” - Fabiola (lyrical solo) & Contemporary Team
“Storytelling” - Jr MT
“Showmanship” - Chloe (jazz solo)

Judges awards
“Magical Mover” - Leo (contemporary solo)
“Performance Plus” - Daphne (Musical Theater solo)
“Total Technique” - Julianna (Jazz solo)

Fabiola (MT), Leo, Madisyn & Leo, Becky & Kennedy, Amelia G., Julianna (Jazz)

1st place - Jr Ballet, Hip Hop
2nd place - Jr Lyrical & Production
3rd place - Jr MT, Daphne, Sr Jazz
5th place - Becky & Kennedy, Julianna (contemporary solo)
7th place - Sr Lyrical
9th place - Teen Ballet
10th place - Madisyn & Leo, Tap

1st in Category
Solo - Madisyn (Pointe)

Platinum Plus
Solo - Julianna x2
Duo - Becky & Kennedy

Solo - Fabiola x2, Jocelyn, Leo, Maizy, Riely, Sam, Madisyn x 2, Amelia G., Kennedy
Duo - Madisyn & Leo, Maizy & June
Teams - Hip Hop, Teen Open, Sr Open, Contemporary, Sr Jazz, Production

High gold
Solo - Kate, Amelia S., Daphne, Chloe, Toby, Izzy x2
Duo - Riely & Leo
Trio - Maizy June & Jocelyn; Lili Toby & Kate
Team - Jr Ballet, Jr Lyrical, Teen Ballet, Teen Tap, Sr Lyrical, Teen Jazz, Sr Ballet

Team - Jr MT