Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Thanksgiving Break

Studio Closed: Wednesday, November 25
Studio Open: Monday, November 30

There will be NO Nutcracker nor Team rehearsals.

Nut Rehearsal Schedule Weeks #6 #7 #8

Don't see your rehearsal? Contact the office for help.
And look closely at the Finale rehearsals. All Act II dances will have a separate rehearsal (except for Bon Bons as they will practice their Finale section in their scheduled rehearsal time). And Leads/demi-leads have an additional Finale rehearsal too.

Click here for Weeks #6 & #7 (please check Fight and Snow times as I made a change!)

Click here for Week #8 (please check as Candy Cane & Marzipan has change!)

Election Day

YES, the studio is OPEN on Tuesday, November 3rd.