Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Dancers Inc. Competition

Wow what a competition! Our dancers performed well, showing off all the hard work and hours they have put into their team dances. And the support and encouragement they gave each other did not go unnoticed. FBC received the ADCC Studio of Excellence Award. The director of the competition himself awarded FBC this award after witnessing the positive spirit of our dancers. I am so proud of my dancers, teachers, choreographers AND parents who represented FBC at this competition, Thank-you. Now for the results. Special Awards; Choreography Award to Adv Hip Hop - Christian Saludez and the Creative Character Award to Adv Tap - Cherish Dobbins. Sr Jazz, Int Lyrical, Int Jazz/MT, Int Tap, Ballet & Duo of Erin/Bella received High Gold. Int Hip Hop received High Gold & won 1st place in Junior Small Group. Production Team, Soloist's Gabbie, Rebecca, Makayla, & Maddie and Duo team of Maddie/Rebecca all received Elite. And our girls swept and entire division, Teen Small Group! Adv Tap 3rd Place, Adv Hip Hop 2nd Place and Adv Contemporary 1st Place. Duo of Riley & Sarah received and Elite and 1st Place in Teen duo's. And a special honor was bestowed on Alyssa who received a PRESTIGE ELITE score, the only one given in the entire competition. This means she scored within 3 points of a perfect score and received 1st Place in Senior Solo's. A number of our girls also took part in the convention. Makayla (Contemporary), Bella (Hip Hop) and Erin (Jazz) all received Convention Scholarships. Image-1