Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

FBC Dance Team Auditions

Each year the number and type of teams formed will vary based on attendance and interest at auditions. Teams are formed based on combinations of dancers that complement each other at auditions.
The levels listed below are the dancers current level from last year/this summer.
Note: because of the current circumstances the Fee structure has changed, so if you received a handbook prior to this email/notification, please email us for an updated Fee schedule.

Monday, July 13 - Int/Sr Levels
12:30-1:15 Contemporary - Ballet Int II-Adv
1:15-2:00 Jazz - Levels 8-Adv
2:00-2:45 Tap - Levels 8-Adv
2:45-3:15 Solo/Duo/Trios - Current Team members only
3:15-4:00 Hip Hop - Levels 5-7
4:00-5:00 Ballet - Ballet Int II-Adv

Tuesday, July 14 - Jr Levels
4:15-5:00 Ballet - Ballet Beg III-Int I
5:00-6:00 Lyrical - Ballet Beg III-Int I
6:00-7:00 Jazz - Levels 4-7

Jr Teams will rehearse on Friday nights.
Int/Sr Teams will rehearse on Saturday mornings.
Typically teams meet every other week.

Contracts and Payments due by: July 18

If you are unable to make the audition, let us know and we will schedule an audition for the week of July 6. If interested, please email to receive the Team Handbook.

Summer Classes & Camps

Summer Classes and Camps begin June 15
COVID-19 Release forms must be handed in at your child's first class.
Click here to Print out form.

Due to limited sizes, if you have not signed up for summer classes or received a confirmation email, do not drop-in or show up.  You will not be allowed in.  If interested in our classes or camps, email us at
NOTE:  If you told us that you would not be coming to a class due to vacations, we may have filled that spot with someone else, so if your vacation plans change and you want to come, you must contact us first to ensure there is space for you.

Updated information regarding summer classes.
• On entering FBC, students will be required to have a face mask, but may pull them down during active exercise.  
• We know your children love to hug our teachers, so please talk to them about giving "air hugs" from afar.
• Once a student is admitted into the classroom, that is where they must remain until the end of class, unless they need to use the bathroom.  
• If a student has a break in between classes, they should go to the office to find their assigned spot to rest, eat, read and wait until their next class. 
• Our infrared thermometer does not have a laser

For the full SAFETY AND GUIDELINES, please find them in links below with the Schedule and Camp info.

Interested in FBC's Competition Team? I will have more info about auditions when we actually open back up. If interested, I will email you a handbook. Team dancers are required to take classes over the summer. If you have concerns about Covid, don't worry, I will work with you. If anything, Covid has taught us all to be very flexible.

If you do not wish to come to summer classes because of Covid concerns, please let me know if you would be interested in paying for online streaming classes over the summer. If I have enough interest, I will make it happen for you.

Summer Schedule is here.
Summer Camps are here.

Seniors 2020


Congratulations to the FBC class of 2020.
Click on the link below to discover what adventures lie ahead for these FBC Grads.
Senior Bios