Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FBC is canceling classes for tonight Thursday, March 12 & Friday, March 13. Since Saturday was the beginning of our Spring Break anyway we are going to use that time to watch things unfold and make any future studio plans based on developing information.

We are doing this to be proactive against the Coronovirus. There has not been any report or indication that it has come to the studio. We have been listening to the CDC guidelines and added extra precautions like more hand sanitizer and asking students to wash hands before and after class as well as using a properly diluted bleach solution on heavily touched surfaces before and during class hours. After last nights news on travel limits and keeping unnecessary groups of people together we thought it best to just extend Spring Break by 2 days and help close off one more path for exposure.

We didn't do this lightly and considered how nice it is to have something "normal" in a students life when things are changing, but limiting exposure paths for this virus is what will be needed from the country right now. Google "flattening the curve".

Spring Ballet, has been postponed. We received notice from the Fredericksburg City Public Schools this morning that "due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fredericksburg City Public Schools is cancelling all outside building rentals until April 1, 2020." I am in contact with them about rescheduling the event, but can not get anything on the books at this moment because of the uncertainty of how long this policy will be in effect.

The Ballet Maintenance Classes and any scheduled privates or personal use of the studio are all being canceled as well.

Information regarding the "Turn it UP" competition this weekend will be in a separate email sent to team members this evening.

As of now we don't have any more information than is available to you.

This might be helpful for those of you with younger kids.

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