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FBC Streaming Class Schedule

Click here for the schedule for May 25-30

If you subscribed and did not receive the link for the classes, please email

As of now, Cinderella is indefinitely postponed, as well as the Spring Show and Creative Movement recital. Our “Turn it Up” and “On Stage America” competitions are marked as being rescheduled. Until I have a date of return, we are in a holding pattern, just like most of the US. Online classes is our temporary solution for the situation the world has found itself in. Our ultimate goal is to return to business as usual when it is safe. In the meantime we want you to stay active, keep up training, and engage with your teachers and classmates.

FBC Streaming Class Subscription
Since this is a new set-up, we have come up with a new fee structure. We tried to make it so you will either being paying the same amount (but have the opportunity to take more classes) or will pay less than your normal tuition. This is a hard balance to strike so quickly so if your family somehow would be paying more than your normal FBC tuition, please contact me at

- CM & BEG $55 (can take upwards of 5 classes a week)
- JR & SR $130 (can take upwards of 9 classes a week)
- To find out what category your child is in, please consult the Streaming Schedule.
- You will not be allowed into a higher level.

How to Subscribe
-The email address you supply will be the address the links will be sent to.
This will be a new mass and only subscribers will receive the links.
-Send the info listed below.

Child #1
Email address

Child #2
Email address

Then pop a check in the mail made payable to:
1634 Lafayette Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

If you already paid for April and May, I will apply that credit to the subscription.

If you have more questions try looking over our answers page first.