Fredericksburg Ballet Centre


Yes, the studio is OPEN today, January 18th.

Spring Show Recital Information

Spring Show Recital
May 22 & 23
Held at Patriot Park Amphitheater
*Important: location and date may change if the public schools begin to allow rentals, but I am just very happy to have a place on the books.

Spring Show Costumes
To adhere to the social distancing recommendations, I need the parents to measure your own children. Click on the link below. Print off the form. Instructions on “how to measure” are included. Give EXACT measurements. We will take in account growing when we convert to sizes.

You will also find the cost of the costumes. Full payment is Due: JANUARY 23.

Measurement Card & Costume Pricing

An Afternoon at the Ballet

Tentative Show date April 18 @ 2:00pm
Held at Celebration Amphitheater at Pratt Park
*Tickets will be sold, but if audience is not allowed due to Covid restrictions,
a $35 Video Fee will be charged.
- For Ballet levels PreInt-Adv Ballet
- Pick up Contracts in the office or click here to download. First payment due at time of auditions.
- Auditions will be held in class the week of February 1-4
- Rehearsals start weekend of February 13/14.
- Students in Int-ADV will be allowed to choose which day they would like to rehearse on.
- Int I-III will receive 1 roll.
- Int IV-Adv can receive 2 rolls if they choose both day’s to rehearse.
- PreInt rehearses on Saturday only.