Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Darby's Dancers

FBC welcomes Darby’s Dancers!
Darby's Dancers provides a fun and encouraging activity for children with special needs to strengthen muscles, increase coordination, build confidence and form lifelong friendships.

Classes start in October
Monday 3:45-4:30
Saturday 9:15-10:00am

If you would like to support a Darby’s Dancer, as all Darby's Dancers tuition, dance shoes, clothing, and recital costumes are supplied at no cost to the dancer, stop in the office to see how you can help.

Coaches needed!
We are looking for coaches to pair up with each Darby’s Dancer to assist within the class.  Receive community hours for school.  Coaches need to be at least in the 7th Grade.   Stop by the office to fill out a form.