Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Studio Closed

I am sure you all are not surprised, but FBC will remain closed until further notice.
This week we have been working hard to try and bring our FBC classes online. Our plan is to bring you interactive, live streaming classes. A schedule has been made, teachers are learning how this works, and Rob and I are working on the logistics. We had a successful "class" online last night with a few of the teachers, so we are optimistic. We will be mass emailing everyone more info so please stayed tuned. Our ultimate goal is to have classes ready by Monday. We have a condensed schedule (kind of like what the summer schedule is like) offering multiple styles of dance classes so our students can stay active, keep up their training, and engage with their teachers and classmates. We even will be offering "Wild Card" Classes on Saturday's with fun things like a Heels Class, Musical Theater, Family Yoga and even a Dance Party! But this is a huge learning curve for us, so please be patient. I am aiming for a FBC Warm-up Class on Sunday so everyone can see how this works. We may have to roll this out slowly, but we plan on rolling it out one way or the other to help in the interim.

The plan is for the first week, March 23-27, all the classes will require no extra charge as everyone has already paid for the month of March. I have arranged the classes into 3 groups. Beg, Jr & Sr. We are offering 5 classes a week for Beg's and 9 for Jr & Sr. These classes will focus on technique, stretching/strengthening, and fun dance combinations. And you can take as many classes as you want to in your group. Yes! That means that if your child usually only takes 1 class a week, they can take as many classes as they want to in their assigned level.

The following weeks, we will be offering a paid subscription to the online classes. We are getting that worked out and sorted and will give you that information once we get going. This way, we can keep our classes going, keep our teachers teaching, and keep our dancers dancing until we can get back into the classroom. During these stressful times, an interactive classroom environment is a great way to help keep your kids engaged, active, and with a sense of normalcy.

Keep an eye out for updates.