Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Streaming Class Schedule March 23-28

I hope you all enjoyed our warm-up class. Had a little bit of a bump in the road at first, but we got things figured out.

Schedule Week #1 for March 23-28
Click here to view the schedule
Click here to view the Parent & Student Check List

I know you all have lot's of questions. Just read through the schedule and the parent check list as I have anticipated some questions that I hopefully have answered. We will try our hardest to answer questions and help with tech support, but if you visit, you might be able to get the answers quicker. I hope those who were able to attend on Sunday, got a few things figured out. In the smaller classes, we will be able to do a little more interaction with the students.

The information needed (class links) will be sent out in our announcement email. We will send them out the night before. If you did not get it please check your spam folder (if you use a mail app on an iPhone combined with a gmail account you might need to check both your phone's junk folder and gmails spam folder). If you don't see it contact us at from the email account you want added and we can add you.