Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

An Afternoon at the Ballet

Tentative Show date April 18 @ 2:00pm
Held at Celebration Amphitheater at Pratt Park
*Tickets will be sold, but if audience is not allowed due to Covid restrictions,
a $35 Video Fee will be charged.
- For Ballet levels PreInt-Adv Ballet
- Pick up Contracts in the office or click here to download. First payment due at time of auditions.
- Auditions will be held in class the week of February 1-4
- Rehearsals start weekend of February 13/14.
- Students in Int-ADV will be allowed to choose which day they would like to rehearse on.
- Int I-III will receive 1 roll.
- Int IV-Adv can receive 2 rolls if they choose both day’s to rehearse.
- PreInt rehearses on Saturday only.