Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Spring Show To Do List

Spring Show Tickets now on Sale $12. At the door $15 (Cash or check at the door). General Admission.
*Stop in the office to make sure your account is zero.  All accounts must be at zero before purchasing Spring Show tickets.

And Just a few other reminders from the Spring Show To-Do-List
*Still need some HELP! in the dressing room. Saturday ACT II Drama Room. You will receive 1 FREE TICKET as a Thank-you for your help. And don't worry, you can go out and watch your kid's dance.
*Purchase Show Tights and Nude Camisole.
*Place Ad in Spring Show Program.  Due May 26th.
*Order DVD.  Don't have too! Everyone will receive a downloadable version of the shows.
*Order Flowers... Don’t have too!  Beautiful bouquets of roses for purchase at each show.
*Spring Show Dress Rehearsal and Day of Show info Click

*Last Day of Classes: Saturday, May 26th