Fredericksburg Ballet Centre

Zoom Classes for Week of January 4-9

All classes for the week of January 4-9 will be held through Zoom. I think with all the holiday traveling and gatherings, it is the prudent thing to do. We will then start back with in person classes starting January 11.
(Note: Competition teams for January 9th will be held in person at the studio).

Please look carefully as this is a condensed schedule and your child's class may be on a different day and/or time. Meaning, we had to move classes around so your online class might not be on the same day nor the same time. So look now! Click here to view the schedule.

The link and password has been emailed to everyone who is on our email notification system. Check your spam or "promotions" "social" email categories. If you did not receive the link or if you have any issues, email us at as I will be monitoring emails to ensure everyone get's on.

Many of you have participated in Zoom classes online already, but here is a Helpful Hints sheet for newbies or just to refresh your memory.
Note, you are NOT required to turn on your cameras if that is a concern you have.  Your teachers will tell you when it is appropriate to do so, you can just choose not to.